That's right -- regardless of your previous experience, now you can learn how to REALLY play - and learn FAST!


From: Ben Edwards

RE: Learn Guitar Fast!


Dear Guitar Player,

Why do YOU want to learn how to play guitar? Do you want to play for personal pleasure? Play in a band? Write and perform your own songs?

Whatever your reasons are, Jamorama WILL work for you, and it's FAST and FUN!

You are about to discover amazing methods to learn to play guitar and play virtually any guitar song you hear. Whether you want to start a band, perform at clubs, write your own original songs, or just become a great guitarist and play for personal pleasure...

No matter what level you are at now (beginner, intermediate or advanced), you have come to the right place. This information will work for you and you will be BLOWN AWAY by how quickly it works!

There are probably hundreds of songs that you want to learn to play on guitar, and you're probably using ineffective methods of learning how to play them without even knowing it! 

That's why I created Jamorama — because I was fed up with the quality of the guitar playing books and courses on the market.

And, so...

Well, I guess you could say I had my day in the spotlight, as I was lead guitar for the popular down-under band "DegreesK", who I toured with internationally... in fact, have a peek at a clip of one of our videos below...

Before joining the band I received my Bachelor of Education, and it was my passion for teaching others, especially guitar, that sparked me to ultimately develop Jamorama - The Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit...

As a professional musician and a trained teacher I put Jamorama together to get you results (FAST). Jamorama is jammed full of powerful video lessons, play along jam tracks and software games to speed your learning. I also teach you to play virtually ANY song by ear.

You get REAL SKILLS with Jamorama.

Jamorama is packed full of quality step-by-step lessons, sound files, games and other resources to take you from where you are now to being a great guitarist, and get YOU results fast, regardless of your current skill set!

I can’t emphasize this enough; Jamorama makes learning FUN!

As I mentioned before, jamming with a band and playing songs are a FAST and FUN way to learn to play, You don't want to be bogged down with boring theory or drills.

Don’t get me wrong, theory and drills are important too, and YES… Jamorama offers thorough and comprehensive theory lessons and drills to increase your finger strength and dexterity, but I get you PLAYING and making music as soon as possible.

With Jamorama you'll discover guitar fluency and find out how to use your ear to play virtually any guitar song that you hear... to put it simply, you'll blow yourself away at how quickly you'll soon be jamming along with your favorite artists and songs!

All -- thanks to my new and improved...

NEW Enhanced And Even More Powerful Version Of Jamorama!

The Jamorama course lessons (that’s 44 chapters and 252 pages of lessons), starting at complete “I don’t know where my fingers go” beginner and taking you to “How did I get so good” advanced guitar playing.

These lessons have been specifically designed for easy use with integrated video and audio so that every powerful time saving tool and easy-when-you-know-how skill I’ve developed is RIGHT at your fingertips - whenever you want it!

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll uncover in Jamorama...

Discover how to hold your guitar. You need to know the tools of your trade before you can truly be a master, and through the use of our high resolution diagrams and pictures you will quickly and EASILY get started.

Before you can successfully learn and master the guitar you will need to know how to keep the instrument in tune. Discover each of the string names and tunes you are fully prepared to begin jamming as I guide you through your first 2 chords!

How to read guitar "TAB". If you didn't know it, guitar tablature (or TAB) is the way guitar music is written out. I show you how to read it so you'll be able to play virtually ANY of the hundreds of thousands of songs available in guitar TAB on the internet.

Discover step by step how to progress from major chords into minor chords incorporating rhythm patterns which will add emphasis to your playing and give you the ability to change the feel of any song you play.

Detailed instruction on how to quickly master impressive skills, such as picking strumming styles, percussive strum, deadening, staccato strum, tricked out scales, hammer-ons, pull offs, transposing keys, vibrato, palm muting and much, much more!

You will find out how to play in a band with my hugely popular step-by-step jamming lessons. These include 26 exclusive Jam Tracks for you to jam along with! These Jam Tracks have been recorded to cover a wide range of musical styles including rock, jazz, country, blues, hip-hop and dance. See your guitar playing skills sky-rocket!

You'll get Step by step lessons on how to perform tricky guitar skills. That's over ten years' worth of expensive and hard-won information in a simple and easy to follow format - comprehensive insider knowledge at your finger tips, available 24/7, whenever you want to learn.

Discover insider secrets like the one thing you must do to ensure that your strum sounds as perfect and well practiced as professional guitarists!

Uncover the truth about how to get a guitar at below dealer cost and get my personal take on how to decide whether you should learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric guitar, and just what to look out for if you choose to buy a used guitar!

And so much more...

I designed Jamorama to be the most complete and easy guitar learning method available anywhere... and we have BARELY scratched the surface on what is contained within, because this multi media course also includes 148 Step-by-step Video Lessons...

It comes jam-packed with easy-to-follow video instructions that show you how to play the guitar step by step.

These videos take you from being an absolute beginner right through to playing some of the most advanced guitar techniques around! So no matter whether you're just starting or you're improving your guitar playing skills Jamorama is the course for you.

These video lessons are TRULY powerful learning guides and they have been professionally recorded and edited... I guarantee they are easier to follow and more useful than anything you will find anywhere.

There is no substitute for seeing and hearing how something is supposed to be played. Multiple camera angles, and cutting edge animated graphics take you from an absolute beginner right through to playing some of the most advanced rhythm techniques around!

You'll discover the most effective ways to practice so that you master new material quickly, without developing bad habits. Learn to play guitar smoothly and flawlessly, while cutting your learning time in half!

But, you don't have to just take my word for it... with over 35,000 users...

"I just highly recommend this..."

"I just highly recommend this for this small amount of money, and if you get this you WILL enjoy it and you WILL learn how to play a guitar."

Jim Walker - Las Cruces, NM USA

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"I would DEFINATELY recommend Jamorama to anyone thinking of learning to play the guitar!"

"I've tried a couple of different online self-learn type websites but to be honest none of them even come close to Jamorama! ...I would DEFINATELY recommend Jamorama to anyone thinking of learning to play the guitar."

Michael Broyd - Plymouth, UK

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"I started playing and it's absolutely just a fantastic product."

"I started playing and it's absolutely just a fantastic product. Biggest asset of it is, it's got the video. When you first start playing the guitar sometimes it's just hard to look at paper and start playing and things without actually either hearing it, or even seeing it."

Mark Coughlin - Christchurch, New Zealand

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"As soon as I got Jamorama, my guitar playing improved greatly!"

"When I first started playing, I was stuck. I didn't know what to do, or where to go from there. As soon as I got Jamorama, my guitar playing improved greatly! I actually enjoyed practicing. Thank you for this wonderful product!"


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"It’s a really great product and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to learn."

"I just can’t really say how much I’m getting out of it. I’m not Paul Simon yet, but I’m having fun and I practice every day… I don’t sound half bad anymore, and my dog doesn’t howl and my wife doesn’t close the door when I start playing so I must be making progress! …It’s a really great product and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to learn."

Mike Burke

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"It is a fantastic course."

Hello Jamorama, As you can see I am trying too play my guitar. In the last two weeks i have learnt a real lot doing this. It takes me a long time to get my change over between cords,but like yous have said keep going.

Well I am trying and enjoying it. It has jiving me a new thing about music which i did not under stand. It is a fantastic course. Thank you and go The saints (Its my footy team).

Gary Metz.

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"...a great package for anyone wanting to pick up the guitar and impress their friends."

The new Jamorama learning package has taught me the basics along with music theory as a back up. In addition, the more sophisticated techniques are explained and demonstrated clearly in the audio and video clips you can download.

All in all, a great package for anyone wanting to pick up the guitar and impress their friends. Thanks a bunch and look forward to more....


Brad Smith

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"I can only say excellent job to Ben and his crew..."

I have been going through the new Jamorama and I think it is the easiest guitar course to navigate on the internet. I only wish that I had bought the Jamorama course sooner.

I can only say excellent job to Ben and his crew because I was not disappointed when I downloaded this course. The video's are of a real player, not a cartoon picture of a fret board with a funky sound.

The books are easy to read and the bonus extras I cant say enough of. Thanks again Ben and I will defiantly spread the word to all my friends.

Mike in Phoenix, Az. USA

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"Jamorama is truly an amazing program."

Jamorama is truly an amazing program. In just a week i've completed the first book and I'm learning faster than my fingers can get calloused because I'm so excited.

I plan on using my new skills to join my church band hopefully in just a month or two (at the pace this program allows me to go).

This program is awesome! The cost of this program is way more worthwhile than spending $25 for a half hour guitar lesson every week. I can allocate the savings toward my new guitar. Thanks Ben.

All the best, Mark Shades

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"... found the lessons to be excellent. You've helped me a lot!"

I bought and downloaded Jamorama and have found the lessons to be excellent. You've helped me a lot! I've also been taking some private Classical Guitar lessons and also enrolling in classes at the local Community College where I've been surrounded by some wonderfully talented young people. What fun!! I'm almost 78 years old and need all the help I can get.

I have a little arthritis which flares up if I practice too hard and also entertain quite a tremor which I'm trying to ignore. Best wishes for your success with JAMORAMA.

Gene Chenette, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida

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"...just put me through a whole new level."

I'm glad that I found Jamorama! Even in my busy lifestyle, I always find time to sit down and learn some new tunes. Jamorama is definitely a no brainer and I highly recommend to any person who honestly wants to learn how to Jam.

I never seen anything quite like Jamorama, but I'm glad that there are people like Ben Edwards who think this stuff up. This new Beta version is Awesome!! I didn't think the original version could be better, but this new version just put me through a whole new level. Thanks again Ben and staff!!!

Jose Suarez, Sgt. US ARMY

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"Thanks for a great product that helps even "old hacks" master our guitars!"

I grew up teaching myself to play 5-string banjo and guitar. I had one, ½-hour, 3-chord lesson and a heart full of hope and ambition. Maybe music wasn't my talent but it was certainly my love.

Like an untutored golfer, my guitar playing for years was more like a "duffer" than a "golfer." Even good, new equipment helped little, and I couldn't seem to get past the "humps" in my learning. I'd all but given up ever being better than mediocre, but decided to try Jamorama.

Man-oh-man! What a great and easy product to use! I began to master in weeks what had eluded me for years. Thanks for a great product that helps even "old hacks" master our guitars!

David in Denver, CO.

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"These, by far, are the BEST guitar lessons I've had!"

These, by far, are the BEST guitar lessons I've had! There is no other program on the internet that will even come close to Jamorama!  Voted #1 out of the "Top 10" guitar lessons on the internet. 

I thought playing the guitar would be hard and taxing, but not with this! You don't have to sit at the mercy of a guitar teacher, spending countless hours AND MONEY to get the results you want. Jamorama makes it fun, easy and inexpensive to help you hone your skills to become a great guitar player. 

Whether you are a novice or an expert, you WILL benefit from Jamorama!


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"Just wanted to let you know I think your course is great..."

Just wanted to let you know I think your course is great and I practice everyday.

I've got all the open chords down, now I'm on the barre chords although my chord transitions ain't perfect. and I'm finding strum patterns somewhat difficult to learn.

All that said I think your program was worth every penny I spent on it.  thank you  


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"I am using jamorama now... it's great."

Hey Ben, I'm just starting to play. I am using jamorama now... it's great. I can't wait to make my guitar sound like I'm playing something that sounds good.

I would love to try the new beta version. I would gladly send you a picture of my guitar and me along with a testimonial how good I think your Jamorama is. I think playing with the jam tracks is great. I'm making music!!! Everyday a little more progress gets made because of Jamorama. Thanks for your help.

Bill Mager

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"Ben, I'm 52 years old and you've showed me that your never to old to learn."

Hi! My name is Rhonda My guitar is a Dean Patec vs 2005.  Jamorama's step by step lessons are achievable and easy for me. I like that I'm learning guitar in the privacy of my own home at just my own pace.

I'm surprising my family as well as myself. I highly recommend Jamorama if you have a desire to learn to play the guitar. If ever, I feel I'm in a rut, I just move on to the next lesson and I'm back on track.

It's very fulfilling for me. I can play real songs now and it's only been a few weeks since I signed up for Jamorama. Ben, I'm 52 years old and you've showed me that your never to old to learn. I can't thank you enough. 

Sincerely, Rhonda

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"Hi, your program has helped me tremendously..."

Hi, your program has helped me tremendously, Now in three months I'm able to play along the jam sessions and am looking forward to the new version.

You have helped me develop a passion that i never imagined to start with.

Thanks, Alexandra

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"The best investment in guitar I have ever made!"

Pardon my six yr old photographer. I am in the $25 a lesson for 45 minute category, and by the time he (my instructor) left, I was never sure what I learned or what to practice.

Now with Jamorama I keep it fresh and have samples to refer to both in print and on video! The best investment in guitar I have ever made! I have renewed excitement and enthusiasm and it is showing in my playing! Thanks a million Ben!

Bill Michelle, Mission Viejo, CA

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"It's great and I find myself using the lessons all the time!"

Hi, my name is Donavon Bebout. I live in Surf City, California and recently purchased the online version of Jamorama.

It's great and I find myself using the lessons all the time! It's awesome having all the information I'll ever need at my finger tips. My friends think I must be taking private lessons but all I do is practice 20 minutes a day.

Try it and you wont be disappointed!

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"I have found your lessons to be terrific."

Hi Ben, I purchased Jamorama because I wanted to reconnect with the guitar. I played the guitar many moons ago when I was in college, but I wasn't very skilled at it. I have found your lessons to be terrific.

I have learned so many new chords and techniques. I like the approach of having audio and visual learning aids. Keep up the great work!

Christine Cox, Maine, USA

Now as fantastic as it is to have all these people from all across the globe happily using Jamorama, perhaps you wonder what the pro's think about it? Well, guess what?

Yep... Jamorama is THE favorite guitar course of the critics too... have a look at what they have to say...

"Our top choice. Hands down the most comprehensive offering available. Includes over 150 guitar lessons, 400+ sound files, an ear training game, and loads of other bonuses."

Guitar Lesson

"Our Number One Pick: “Jamorama” is by far and away the best and most informative “learn to play guitar” guide. The information contained is comprehensive, clearly laid out and the bottom line is it works. Jamorama is the mother of all guitar learning packages."


"This package is by far the most complete and fresh approach to guitar playing that I have seen in a long time. I highly recommend this product because I do believe it will deliver results and have you playing popular songs like a professional using the most effective techniques. There is something here for every guitar player, regardless of ability. And at the current cost, it really is worth every dollar spent!"


"It is the by far the best of the software-based instruction courses available. Jamorama is also an instant download so no waiting for it to arrive in the mail."

Master the

"These are without a doubt the best guitar lessons courses below $150, and Jamorama Acoustic Guitar is the best dedicated Acoustic guitar course around. In addition, assuming you read this before the expected price rise, these courses are also the best buys of all tested guitar lessons courses, in improvement-per-dollar terms."


"The best thing about Jamorama, and the thing that really sets it apart from ALL the other guitar courses I've seen, is how well integrated the video lessons, ebooks, bonus software games and Jam Tracks are. This really is an excellent, integrated learning Kit.

Learn Guitar

Yes, our many thousands of satisfied customers and the critics agree that Jamorama is the best course for learning how to play guitar -- and taking your skills to entirely new heights...

But... I wasn't satisfied with just handing you the Jamorama course alone. You see, I am TRULY vested in seeing you through this... in helping you to become a fantastic guitar player. That's why, when you act today, I'm also going to include...

Bonus #1 – 'GuitEarIt!' - Ear Training Game (Value $49)

You've probably heard from musicians and guitar teachers, just how important it is to train your ear in order to both transcribe songs and play better. I know it's hard to believe…

But within 2 weeks from today you could be transcribing songs from the radio with precision accuracy, just by playing "GuitEarIt!". "GuitEarIt!" is a simple, but very powerful, multiple-choice listening game. It ranges from easy to hard.

Here's how it works: You will start off with the notes A, B, C, and D and are given various strums in which you must decide what was just strummed, using a multiple choice answer board.  You get 10 points if you answer correctly first time, 6 points if it takes 2 guesses, 3 points if it takes 3 guesses, and 0 points if it takes 4 guesses.

You can only progress from level to level if you score enough points. As you progress, the game gets gradually more difficult. You'll be amazed at how quickly, just by playing this game, you'll train your ear without much effort and eventually you'll be able to recognize all 36 major, minor and seventh chords. 

Your friends will be saying that "you have a great ear for music". And you'll not only find it far easier to transcribe songs from the radio, you'll have a better ear for music and that will in turn pay you big, big dividends on your guitar playing progress. What an opportunity!

Plus you're also getting...

Super Bonus #2 – 'Jayde Musica Pro' (Value $49)

Jayde Musica brings enjoyment to the otherwise monotonous task of learning how to read music. Calling this a game is actually pretty deceptive – you don’t have to use it long to see why.

In the space of a few hours you can have vivid photographic memory of the entire music stave and feel like you’ve hardly had to work at all. Beginner to advanced levels, complete with high scores – Jayde Musica really is something else!

And you'll receive...

Super Bonus #3 - 'Guitar Tuner Pro' Software & 'How to Tune your Guitar' (Value $99)

Tuning is a huge problem for most beginners. This software + book solves your tuning problems with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

Learn the most effective, most used methods of tuning your guitar. An essential product to keeping your guitar sounding as good as it should and a fantastic free bonus!

As if that were not enough, when you act today, you will also be getting...

Super Bonus #4 - The 'Jamorama Metronome' (Value $49)

Once again Jamorama releases a fantastic new learning tool for Musicians. The Jamorama Metronome is designed using traditional metronome sound and style and allows the user to set a click tempo between 40BPM (Beats Per Minute) and 208 BPM.

Not only is tempo displayed in BPM, we have also added the traditional Latin terms that you often see in musical notation, used to suggest playing speed.

Combined with specific Jamorama course lessons this is a potent tool that enables you to gain the timing, speed and control of a professional.

Ever wish that you could jam along with a band? Like to know how to get started?

Learning how to play guitar is like learning how to speak a language. The more you listen to, imitate and play along with professionals, the better you'll get.

Look, NO ONE likes sitting alone for days and days practicing boring drills just to see a slight improvement in their playing. If you’re like I used to be, chances are that’s exactly what you’re doing. Well, I want to tell you about something I discovered that transformed my own playing abilities...

It’s called contextual learning and it’s why I have developed the Jamorama Jam Track system. I strongly believe in the importance of learners playing and jamming along as soon as possible, putting what they are learning to use.

Unlike other courses that use computer based music for play-along practice sessions, I have personally selected some of the best professional musicians, and we have recorded and produced these quality Jam Tracks so YOU can jam with the Jamorama band.  

After using my successful Jam Track system you will be fully ready to start jamming with your OWN band... Now with everything you're getting, perhaps you are wondering...

Jamorama Course Module
Jayde Musica Pro
Guitar Tuner Pro Software & 'How to Tune your Guitar
Jamorama Metronome
Total Value:

Yes, this comprehensive multimedia course guides you through every step of becoming a fantastic guitarist and quickly developing wicked skills... and it has a real world value of $345.00!!!

So perhaps you're wondering just what the bottom line is for you here -- after all, with $345.00 worth of instantly downloadable written instruction, video, software, and audio that will have you jamming on your guitar in no time -- surely this must be a fortune?

Well -- I think you're about to be pleasantly surprised -- but first I'll ask you to consider the cost of a personal instructor, not including the time it takes you to hop in the car and drive to wherever he or she may instruct your from.

Most of these folks go for about $30 per half hour, which equates to $60 an hour. How many hours would you need with that instructor to get it down? 2, 3, 4, 5... more? Most likely, assuming your instructor is any good (which you won't know until you get really started with them), you're going to shell out hundreds in fees.

Probably a good deal more than the $345 that this course is worth.

Guess what? I'm not going to ask you anywhere near that. No. I COULD sell Jamorama for several hundred dollars, but I'm not going to. Why? Well, I have made this available by instant download which shaves my production costs way down -- AND I want you to be THRILLED with the value you receive from me.

So, if you take fast and furious action today, then you'll only be asked for the (very low) one time only investment of just...

That's right -- $39.95 for EVERYTHING described above, all available instantly by download, and all engineered to shortcut you to fantastic guitar player, regardless of your previous experience!

That's not all though -- not by a long shot -- because when you take action today I am prepared to eliminate any bit of risk for you with my...

Sometimes buying online can be risky. However, when you buy Jamorama you can feel ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN there's no way you can "get taken".

Jamorama is sold through ClickBank, the Internet's premier digital marketplace, where thousands of the web's most popular products are sold every day. ClickBank keeps your personal information secure and ensures that you are COMPLETELY protected.

If you are not satisfied with Jamorama for ANY reason, you can return it for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your purchase price. And remember, this is a full 8 week guarantee. You're free to return it next week, next month, or up to 8 weeks from now.

ClickBank and I both stand behind Jamorama and we will see to it that you get the care and attention you deserve. While it's unlikely to occur -- if you find that Jamorama is NOT for you, then I'll happily refund your money. Will any other guitar course or guitar teacher offer you THAT?

So, with that, grab Jamorama today, and FINALLY...

The Jamorama Multimedia Course will comprehensively guide you through everything you need to know to play guitar, from absolute beginner level, right through to being a professional guitarist.

Jamorama is available via instant download. When you click the button below you'll be asked to confirm your purchase, then be sent to a secure payment page at ClickBank. By placing your order for Jamorama online, it's yours risk-free for an incredibly low $199.95 $159.95 $129.95 $99.95 $49.95 $39.95.

What will happen if you decide to pass on Jamorama today? Well, frankly nothing will happen. Your guitar skills will not have improved and you will be EXACTLY where you were yesterday and the day before that.

BUT, by placing your risk free order today, you'll get EVERYTHING you need to learn how to play guitar FAST... you'll quickly be jamming songs that you've only just heard; and you'll be blowing people away with yours skills -- including yourself!

As Dorris Lessing once said, "Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so." Your opportunity to play incredible guitar is right here in front of you.

Will you take it now?

To Kickass Guitar,

Ben Edwards

PS - Remember, I guarantee that if you use just one of my secrets, it will pay for the course in full; otherwise, you can return it next week, next month, or even up to 8 weeks from now for a prompt, courteous, 100% refund.

PPS - If you don't order Jamorama right now, how will you discover the magic and fun of playing all your favorite songs on guitar? This course hands you ALL the training shortcuts that will have you jamming on your guitar in mere days from right now.

PPPS - A very popular question from our clients is "will Jamorama and all its bonuses work on a PC or a Mac?" This is a good question. I have many clients who use both PCs and Macs. Jamorama and all of its super bonuses have been written for BOTH PCs and Macs. Jamorama, Jayde, The Jamorama Metronome, Guitar Tuneit Pro and GuitEarIt! have been developed to work on both PCs and Macs. You have no reason not to order your copy of Jamorama right away!

Yes Ben! I am ready to play guitar and jam like a rock star (FAST -- in mere days), so I am grabbing my copy of Jamorama this very instant!

I understand that if I act now, I can receive Jamorama, stuffed with your proven techniques for playing incredible guitar, available instantly by multimedia format for faster absorption - ALL for the incredibly low one time investment of only $39.95!

You've made this so complete and have made it EASY for me to play guitar even if I have never picked up one before in my life... there is no reason not to take you up on this exclusive and limited special offer! With this in my hands, I will wow everyone with my playing abilities -- including myself.

As if that were not enough, you've removed every ounce of risk with your no hassle 8 week 100% money back guarantee.

I understand that I can try your powerful training shortcuts for myself for 8 weeks and if for ANY reason I am not 100% satisfied with the results, I can email you for a refund in FULL - no hassles and no arguments, we walk away friends.

It is on this basis that I am clicking the secure order button below and entering my credit card details to grab my copy of Jamorama today!

128 bit secure order button



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